Sortera’s novel patented sorting technology brings artificial intelligence to the automotive metals recycling industry. Sortera’s A.I. based sensor sorters have the capability to both upgrade feedstock streams and also remove unwanted contaminants. The upgraded streams can then be used to make new products. This technology is disruptive because it enables the domestic production of novel feedstock materials from existing automotive streams.

Sortera’s A.I. in the Circular Economy

Government Projects

Sortera’s technology was originally funded by ARPA-E with the METALS program in 2013. ARPA-E’s METALS program, short for “Modern Electro/Thermochemical Advances in Light Metal Systems,” aims to find cost-effective and energy-efficient manufacturing techniques to process and recycle metals for lightweight vehicles and aircraft. Processing light metals such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium more efficiently would enable competition with incumbent structural metals like steel to manufacture vehicles and aircraft that meet demanding fuel efficiency standards without compromising performance or safety.


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