Artificial Intelligence for the Circular Economy

Sortera uses its patented artificial intelligence technology for production of low-cost high-quality metal alloys for domestic manufacturing.

Sortera's vision is to enable 100% reuse of metals recovered from end-of-life products for manufacturing of similar products.

Currently, almost 25 million tons (~50 billion lbs) of automotive shredder metal scrap is produced in US each year from end-of-life automobiles and other products, and a large fraction of this is shipped overseas to be hand sorted into aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and stainless steel, and manufactured into parts. Sortera’s highly automated sorting facilities perform highly accurate sortation of metal alloys at much lower cost making these valuable feedstocks for domestic manufacturing.

Video of Sortera’s High Throughput Sorter

Photographs of Different Sorted Metal Alloys and Other Materials


Sortera’s innovations and products offer cost, quality and performance advantages to domestic industry while ensuring a safer & better environment for the future.

  1. Fully automated Intelligent sorters for manufacturing lower cost, higher quality metal alloys for domestic industry
  2. Decrease reliance on foreign imported metals
  3. 20 times higher energy efficiency for aluminum parts manufacturing
  4. Increase local manufacturing of innovative metal parts
  5. Local supply chains reducing procurement time & inventory
  6. Reduce green-house gas emissions
  7. Reduce/eliminate need for landfills

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