Posted / March 21, 2023

Sortera Alloys Announces Opening of R&D Facility in Austin, Texas

Facility to Advance Company’s Proven Sorting Capabilities Beyond Mixed Alloys into Other Materials and Affirms its Commitment to a Sustainable Future

MARKLE, Ind.March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sortera Alloys, Inc., an innovative industrial scrap metal sorting company with a recycling platform powered by artificial intelligence, data analytics, and advanced sensors, today announced that it has opened its newest office in Austin, Texas to focus on advancing technology in the recycling industry.  The new facility is a testament to Sortera’s commitment to revolutionizing the recycling sector and building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

The Austin office will be the home base for the company’s research and development team, which is working to further evolve its technologically advanced sorting platform.  Sortera’s sorting technology consists of vision and other advanced hardware sensors that are driven by software utilizing artificial intelligence.  Austin was chosen as the location for the new facility due to its thriving technology ecosystem and the presence of leading companies in artificial intelligence and related fields.  The new research facility will play a pivotal role in Sortera’s efforts to revolutionize the recycling industry as it strives to drive innovation and sustainability in the recycling sector and build a world-class infrastructure for the sorting and processing of recyclable materials globally.

“It is an exceptional place to foster growth and a culture of environmentally conscious development of innovative technologies.  By using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, Sortera is creating a more sustainable, efficient, and automated recycling process, bringing lightning speed changes to a decades old industry.  We are looking for exceptional people who want to be a part of this transformation to join our already strong team,” said Manuel Garcia, Jr., co-Founder and Vice President of AI and Data Science for Sortera Alloys.

Currently, Sortera’s technology can handle the complex sorting of pre-production aluminum and end-of-life mixed alloys by category and chemical composition.  The new Austin facility will focus on the multitude of other materials that can be recycled back into the economy and ways in which Sortera’s technology can expand its sorting capabilities to ensure these valuable materials can be put back into the supply chain.

Dr. Casey Hughlett, Executive Director of AI stated, “By collaborating with the local technology and research community in Austin, Sortera is poised to shape the future of the sustainability industry and make a lasting impact on the world.  The focus on modernizing recycling lays the groundwork for Sortera to become a world leader in Industry 5.0, a sector projected to be worth $377 billion by 2029.”

“We are perfectly situated to seize the momentum of our proven technology platform and research talent to target and recycle additional key materials into high-quality feedstock,” said Michael Siemer, CEO, Sortera Alloys.  “This will both expand our reach as a key player in the mixed alloy industry and establish our leadership role in the global circular economy movement.  Given our technology platform’s success in the aluminum industry, we are excited to establish this new R&D facility to apply it to other industries where novel circular economies can be created, such as in the plastics, textile, paper, agricultural, and MSW industries.”

The company’s new material processing facility in Markle, Indiana continues to move towards its early summer 2023 opening, which will catapult Sortera’s commercial operations, allowing it to capture a significant portion of the annual 4 billion lbs. of scrap aluminum traditionally shipped abroad for processing.  The facility’s ability to recycle a variety of materials will enable Sortera’s customers to reduce their overall CO₂ footprints and advance their sustainability goals.  Sortera is committed to leading the charge in revolutionizing the recycling industry and creating a more sustainable future for all.

In April, Sortera Alloys will be attending ISRI2023, the recycled materials industry’s largest global event.  ISRI2023 is taking place on April 17-20 at Music City Center in Nashville, TN, and Sortera will be located at booth 1424.